Student Physicals Day is fast approaching. As your neighbor practicing pediatric care, I want to offer some tips to help your appointment go smoothly. We host this event annually to help parents reduce some of the financial burden that comes with care for your child.

During your Well Child Visit or Sports Physical Visit, please let’s know if you need a School form. It will be convenient to you to get it on the same day.

When you complete your appointment, you may check your results on the patient portal. Here, you can see your labs, imagining results, or communicate directly with your provider.

Lastly, please complete registration online. You can do this through the patient portal as well. It is best for you to register before you arrive for the appointment. It will shorten your wait time in the health center.  

If you are already registered and prepared to show up, take your time to check out Healthy Children Podcasts. You may listen to the podcasts at your leisure when you are driving or in the home. The podcast covers several topics including tips on preventing lead exposure in children. The host is host Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez, a pediatrician and mother, as she talks with top experts about how to help our kids be as healthy as they can be and thrive in today's world.

A list of the podcast can be found at this link.

By following these three pointers, I assure you a safe and happy visit. I look forward to seeing you!

June 26: 2:45 PM to 7 PM - 1503 Bill Beck Blvd.

July 8: 2:45 PM to 7 PM - 109 N. Doverplum Ave

July 27: 9 AM to 2 PM - 109 N. Doverplum Ave