Mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional, behavioral, and social well-being. Oftentimes we may neglect our mental health because of the stigma of mental illness or the preconceived notions or judgements regarding the therapeutic process.


Neglecting our mental health can affect various aspects of our lives such as work, school, and interpersonal relationships. Poor mental health may lead to decreased energy and motivation, headaches, digestive-related issues, nervousness, mood changes, disrupted sleep, changes in appetite, lack of focus and concentration, constant worry, substance use, emotional dysregulation, or low self-esteem.

Isolating yourself.

Don’t wait until your symptoms are unbearable to seek support. Everyone can benefit from mental health services. We all experience stressors and going through those stressors can feel overwhelming.

Reaching out for help!

Seeking help from a mental health professional can provide you with a safe space where you can be vulnerable, reexamine your current life circumstances, and reach your full potential. 


When we prioritize our mental health needs, we strengthen resiliency and build positive experiences.