Frequently, people use buzzwords to sell services. This practice is especially prevalent in healthcare. After all, you want to know that a particular service will work for you. As with any service, you may have questions about various topics. Those topics may include simple inquiries such as "What are the hours?" or "Does the doctor speak my language?" Other times, the questions can be more complex. Such questions can be "Will my baby survive?" or "Is it cancer?"

Providers at Osceola Community Health Services are faced with the above questions daily. With certainty, answering those questions for someone going through the situation for the first time never gets easier. So, how does a doctor or other healthcare provider deal with the demands of their job day in and day out? One way is to recognize that the compassion part of the profession is part of the job.

Compassion is not secondary at Osceola Community Health Services. Compassion is why we have expanded offerings or created more specific services to meet the niche needs of the community. Like many other Federally Qualified Health Clinics, we offer Primary Care and Dental services. However, we go beyond the diagnosis and the treatment. We offer care management. Reviewing our specialty offerings, we offer Diabetes Management, Breast and cervical programs, Maternity Navigation, and Phone2Home. Each one of these specialty offerings helps contribute to our services. We understand that the journey is essential, and we will be right there with you through our specialty offerings.

Check out this Ted Talk featuring Dr. Anthony Orsini. He shares his views on compassion, and many of our providers will agree with him.