Registration as a patient of Osceola Community Health Services (OCHS) is quick and easy. By registering as a patient, you accomplish three things:

  1. Reduce your need to go to a emergency room for certain ailments
  2. Secure a reliable family doctor that cares about You
  3. Enjoy the benefits of having one place where you can address your primary care, dental, and specialty needs such as cancer screenings, diabetes management, maternity care, HIV screenings, PrEP treatment, podiatry, and behavioral health needs.

If you are reading this story, you have likely completed the first step to registering as a patient at Osceola Community Health Services. Your first step is to visit our website. Our website will provide you with our phone number to call and schedule an appointment with one of our providers. The phone number to register at OCHS is 407-943-8600.

When you call you will be qualified by a patient call center representative. They will ask you questions pertaining to insurance, location, language preferences, and the type of care you are seeking.

After your demographical information is collected, you will be given an appointment date. We understand sometimes life gets in the way in keeping appointments. This is why we will ask for your mobile number to send you text alerts to remind you of any upcoming appointment.

If you do not have insurance, rest assured you have come to the right place.. We have offer low-cost options that will still demand a quality level of care.

Please be patient when waiting for an answer from a live person on the telephone. Due to the massive population in Osceola County, we are likely serving someone

Nurses interact with new patient through portal