Congratulations on making it through the 21-day diet reset and reboot.

Even if you did not do everything perfectly, you still accomplished a shift in your mindset on how to eat better. In other words, you laid an excellent foundation to build your healthy eating lifestyle. 

Why choose an eating lifestyle over a diet? Diets usually demand immediate and often difficult change. The p.oblematic change is why people regain the pounds lost on a diet when they reach the end of the diet plan. Lifestyle changes are more gradual and, therefore, more sustainable. You can do it in small steps and see significant and lasting results. 

Though the 21 days may be over, try not to return to the old eating patterns.


Did you find giving up sugar, fried foods, or candy easier than you thought? Then stick with that. Make small wins for yourself. Did you enjoy eating more salads and fresh fruit? Continue that pattern. The small choices you make, for example, having water instead of soda or juice, salad instead of French fries, fruit instead of cake, cookies, or ice cream, can add up to a big difference to your blood sugar, closure, and weight.

Eating right is not a quick fix for anything. It is, however, something most of us can manage, and in time, the results will be well worth it.